Ronstadt Generations: February 20 2011 Tucson AZ @ Aspen House Concert (2 Discs)

Feb 20 2011 Tucson AZ (2 Discs)

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  • Ronstadt Generations
    February 20, 2011
    House Concert
    Tucson, AZ

    Set 1 (Lost In Holland)
    Get It On (Josh Hisle)
    Nine Pound Hammer (Merle Travis)
    Corners (Michael G Ronstadt)
    Don’t Give A Damn (Josh Hisle)
    Hasten Your Row (Michael G Ronstadt)
    Enchenté (Josh Hisle)
    Detfork Rag (Chet Atkins)
    Sitting On Top Of The World (Vinson/Chatmon) w/ Michael J Ronstadt
    Bail Me Out (Josh Hisle)

    Set 2 (Ronstadt Generations)
    Wagon Mound (Michael J Ronstadt)
    Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)
    Sixteen Tons (Merle Travis)
    Annabelle (Gillian Welch)
    Cancion Mixteca (Jose Lopez Alvarez)
    Cost Of Freedom (CSNY)
    The Mill Was Made Of Marble (Joe Glazer)
    Lulo Que Lulo (Traditional)
    A La Orilla De Un Palmar (Traditional)
    Look At Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch)
    John Law Burned Down The Liquor Sto’ (Chris Thomas King)

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