The Oxford EP, a new release by the Ronstadt Brothers is now completed and discs are being manufactured. Recorded during a rehearsal session at the Big Song Music House in Oxford, OH in September of 2017, this EP features two songs by Michael G, two songs by Peter D, an old favorite from the Mexican movies, and an unreleased Ronstadt Generations song by and featuring 'Papa' Mike Ronstadt. The Oxford EP will officially release on September 3 with release shows in Southern AZ and California. Early release shows on the East Coast in July.

Early bird pre-order ends July 4

If you'd like to pre-order the Oxford EP, please click the 'buy now' button below. This is a 'pay-what-you-want' pre-order. So set your own price for this upcoming 6-song EP.

Early bird pre-orders ship by July 18, 2019. Pre-orders received after July 4 will ship on September 1.